Our Story

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At Chocoalacarte, we have been crafting chocolates
for over 20 years

We specialise in premium handcrafted Chocolates, made from the finest Imported Chocolates, fresh & natural ingredients & fillings. We understand that everyone has their own individual tastes. That's why we offer different chocolate assortments for enjoyment! ; From All Dark Chocolate to All Caramel to Assortments, and a whole range of Premium Chocolates for great taste.

Our Brand Philosophy

At Chocoalacarte, we pride ourselves on our five core brand pillars, which define us and set us apart from the crowd.



Everything that we produce tastes exceptional. This is owed to considered craftsmanship at the hands of our chocolatiers, minimal processing and the quality of ingredients used.



We are committed to showcasing the best of our creativity and craft, from our iconic visual design to the daring imagination and style that our chocolatiers put into every product.



Our chocolates are expertly crafted by our chocolatiers who will not compromise on quality. We care about provenance and use only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients.



We are the chocolate company for the thoughtful shopper. We create chocolates that are imaginative and artistic – from our iconic packaging to our choice of flavours. Whether a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, we are for the discerning customer who craves quality and style.



We are an unforgettable experience, whether it's the emotions evoked through our products or the service provided for over 20 years and serving over 500 satisfied clients. We bring back old memories and create new traditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about provenance and use only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients. There are many issues facing the cocoa industry today and we are committed to responsible chocolate.

Here at Chocoalacarte, we pride ourselves on working with cocoa suppliers who are attentive to sustainability, who are transparent and who are committed to dealing with the issues in the cocoa industry today.

We’re committed to using only high quality ingredients that meet the same high standards as our cocoa.